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Is This the Best Dragflicking Stick? Y1 Prototypes Reviewed

Is This the Best Dragflicking Stick? Y1 Prototypes Reviewed

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Review: Predator Hockey Cobra

Review: Predator Hockey Cobra

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Review: Voar Hockey Pro V1 Signature Edition

Review: Voar Hockey Pro V1 Signature Edition

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Review: Kookaburra Pro Spirit

Review: Kookaburra Pro Spirit

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My Reviews


Chimera - CH/85LB

Osaka - Pro Tour Ltd Low Bow

Y1 - AH16 Special Edition

Y1 - Black Friday Prototype Pair Review

J15 Hockey - Polaris Triple Review 

Byte Hockey - ZT200 vs ZT400

Omega Hockey - Loki vs Thor

Adidas - Chaosfury Kromaskin .1
Otter Hockey - Elite

MPH Custom - Triple Review
GOAT Hockey - Triple Review

Y1 - Black Friday Prototype Triple Review

Adidas - Shosa .1 Kromaskin

Otter - O70

Otter - P70

Rival - Scoop X

Catalyst - LX1

Y1 - LBX


Y1 - YLB90

Brabo - Elite X1 Hybrid 

Eighteen - R95

Otter - O100 

JDH - X93 Concave 2020

Dribblr - Custom 1 / Custom 2

Voar Hockey - Limited Edition

Omega Hockey - Typhon 80 

Adidas Hockey - DF24 Kromaskin

Otter Hockey - ULB 90

JDH - X93 Low Bow

Dita - CarboTech Pro C100

STX - Stallion 901 HPR

Osaka- Pro Tour Ltd Protobow

Gryphon - G18 Tour Samurai

Jazba Global - Rattler Hockey Shoes

Saneko Sports - VTD 103 Drag Low Bow

STX - Surgeon 901XT

Tempest - DRN Demon

Dragon Hockey - Hydra

Voodoo - Shogun 2018

Roos Hockey - US90 Ultra Bow

Eleven - Arc9

Naanoo - XM20

Y1 - LBX

Voodoo - Shogun Blue

Oregon - Bear 1

Adidas - DF24 Carbonplate

Beikou - Drag 90

Beikou - Pro 70

Color - D90

SKT - Ninety

Oakley - CAMO-7K

Panthera - 3 stick review

Roku - 3 Stick review

Oakley - LB9000

Grays - GR7000 Probow

Adidas - DF24 Carbon

Kuka - GR24

My Personal Hockey (MPH) - Custom Stick

Other Hockey stuff review

Club Socks - Multi-Review

Mizuno - Wave Panthera Shoes

Adidas - Lux 2.0 Shoes

Osaka - Ido Shoes

Kuka - Mojo Bag

Chryso - Bag
Grays -
Cage AST

ShinStyle - Shin Liners

I will also post reviews by others that are submitted to me via email. I will label these posts and link back to your website if you use one. Send your reviews to make sure you put your social media accounts or your website if you have one so i can link back to it.