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                      Voodoo Blue Shogun

This stick has great feel on the ball, the stick is on the stiffer end of the scale and has excellent balance. The dished face makes this stick fantastic for 3D skills as it is so easy to get under the ball it also makes it easy to control the ball up over flat sticks from an incoming passes. The dished face is a double edged sword as combined with the lowbow it makes it easy to lift the ball accidentally lift incoming passes up the stick towards your body, so it is very important that you get your left hand forward over the ball. With the dished face the ball holds very well to the stick face, this really gives you a lot of confidence when performing V drags, you can get the ball "hooked" in the face at full one hand extension then really fling the ball across your body and out to the other side at great pace. The toe of the stick has also been shaved, this thin toe makes it easier to perform reverse lifts over sticks at speed. You can also use the dished to "catch" the ball air and sharply change direction.


This stick is made for flicking, it comes with a full legal low bow, grooved shaft, shaved head and concave face. It’s really easy to pick up the ball with the concave face, the ball sits nicely on the head of the stick and allows you to power the head of the stick to the place you want the ball to finish, if that’s the top corner or the top of the backboard. Because the ball sits so nicely on the head of the stick it gives you a lot of confidence to really whip through and add a lot of power onto the ball. The thin toe also makes reverse flicks easy for shooting whether it's a reverse lob over a sliding keeper or firing the ball into the roof in a tight space the shogun is equally leathal. 


8.5/10 (It would be a 9 if it wasn't for the fact that the first hit everyone had with this stick sailed over the bar)
The stick is very stiff, this means when you hit the ball you get a great transfer of power from the stick to the ball. This transfer of power combined with the low bow makes it very easy to lift the ball into the roof of the net. With the right technique (getting your left hand over or infront of the ball) you can keep the ball down with great accuracy. But I found that with the dished face it made it more difficult to hit flat, much like with dragflicking (more on this later) the ball would stay slightly off the deck and skim along to the target, and for hit passed this would at time unnerve the receiver. I think the is a small issue that would probably resolve itself in a few training sessions once you got to know the stick and found the right technique.
When getting down and slapping the ball I found it really easy to generate power to slider passes, the grooved shaft adds pace as you roll the ball down the stick before the head hits through the ball. Because of the shaping of the dished face I didn't have any trouble keeping slap passes flat.


I would say that this stick has a medium thickness reverse edge, it's not super thick and it's not waffer thin. What I will say is that the ball really pings of the reverse edge of this stick. It is very easy to lift the ball on a reverse shot to around backboard height. I also found with a little tweak to my technique I could lift it into the top corners of the goal, what I found more difficult was to hit the ball flat on reverse without dropping the power so for playing the ball to back post for a deflection I was only hitting at about 60-70% of the power I was hitting shots at to keep them flat. I also found because of the thin toe on this stick up right hits lack a bit of power as it didn't feel like any ‘weight’ went through the ball. 


This stick is beautiful to dragflick with. The pick up is so easy with dished face, you can collect the ball and it sits nicely into the face. The transfer up the stick to the groove is easy, the ball naturally rolls up the shaft (with the right technique) into the groove. Directing  the ball is easy as as you whip through the ball it won't accidentally roll off the end early, it rolls down and then holds on the dished face just long enough for you to pick your spot, whether you are using disguise to put the ball right or using a long drag to the right round the first runner to then fire the ball into the top left corner. I found it more difficult to have absolute control of the height on the flick, I found I could easily go low but I struggled to go totally flat for deflections, because the ball sits in the dished face the release is just above the ground that means the ball either stays about an inch (2-3cm) of the ground, which is enough to unnerve the deflector or the ball skimmed along the ground if I tried to compensate. I'm sure if I had more practice I could work out how to keep it flat but it is something to bare in mind.

Aerials are equally easy, the ball sits nicely in the face then rolls into groove so you can launch the ball down the pitch. Because of the balance of this stick its very easy to whip through the ball once you get it onto the shaft of the stick in a similar way to at the end of a dragflick to either add more height or distance to your aerials, giving you great control of if you want to drop the ball onto your players stick or chuck it into space for them to run onto.

This stick is fantastic. This is one of the best sticks I have ever used for dragflicking. The ease of picking the ball up and the way the ball sits on the end of the stick before you release is simple magic. The feel on the ball is excellent for both control and dribbling. And the hitting while it can be a little wild at  first given time it can be reigned in and then becomes largely superb, that said I had to reduce the score because of the fact that everyone of my review helpers first shot when over the bar (or in some cases the fence).

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