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Beikou Pro 70 Review



The first touch on this stick is actually really nice, if you have read my other reviews I personally lean towards a high carbon stick for that instant responsive feel. This stick being a 70% carbon stick I was not expecting the level of responsiveness that it offered. That said the lower level of carbon made this stick very forgiving of being heavy handed in stoping and controlling the ball, without compromising on control. It was really nice to dribble around with and drags, spins and dinking chips were all simple to pull off with the mid low bow. The head shape on both the Beikou sticks that I used were the same but it somehow felt a little bit larger on reverse for drags on the Pro over the Drag, maybe because of the angle of the head it had a larger usable surface area for dragging the ball from left to right. 




Flicking with this stick was pretty nice. It doesn't have the same super thin head that's on the drag stick I was also testing so it is a bit more difficult to get in under the ball to get elevation, but once you get the hang of the position (and in my case fighting against my own muscle memory from using low bows for so long) you need to get into to get under the ball it's really good and straight forward to put the ball high into the net. I also found it really easy to generate alot of of power on flat pushes. 




This was actually pretty damn good for hitting. The bow made hitting super easy to control (I'm used to the wild uncontrollability of the untamed full low bow stick) I found it really easy to place the ball into the corners with no really time to adapt to the different bow. The 70% carbon also made it very forgiving when I didn't manage to get a clean connection on the ball, there was very little vibration to be felt. It was also really easy to slap the ball very accurately to the end of a moving players stick, I also found it incredibly good for playing slider passes. 




Because the head isn't as thin and the shaft doesn't have a groove this stick a nice consistent reverse edge which is really nice to hit with. There was also a fair a of ping off the reverse edge (for a 70% stick). It was easier to control the height of the reverse shots then with the drag. I actually really enjoyed pinging the ball at the goal on reverse for a long time which really caught me off guard. 




Not really what this stick is made for but it is still possible to drag flick with this stick, you don't get the same kind of whip and power with the higher max bow point. If you have good technique it is very useable for drag flicking and I know several people who would argue if you cant drag flick with a 17mm mid bow you can't drag flick, so with a little practice to adapt to the bow I was able to start firing them into the top and bottom corners relatively quickly. That said I did not find it as easy with this stick as with the Drag 90 to complete a long drag (around an imaginary first runner) with the higher bow I felt the ball started rolling down the stick too early to pull all the way round and shoot across goal at full pace. Any one who can do this with anything other then a low bow I salute you. 

Again this stick is not specifically designed for flicking so the head is a little thicker then the Drag 90 that I was also testing, that said I still found it pretty good for getting under the ball and lifting it 30 yards to a player with high accuracy, the higher bow meant I had to put a little more force into the ball to get extra height and distance but it was still relatively easy to do. Given a little more practice and a willingness to upset the footballers on the next pitch I'm more then sure I could have thrown an overhead well onto their pitch again (but they were very nice the first time it happened, so I didn't want to do it again). 



This is a fantastic all rounder stick. I found it to be excellent in all aspects of play from hitting to flicking. If you are looking for a great stick with a softer feel then the high carbon sticks at the top end of the market then this is an excellent choice. 



The stock grip on the stick is really thick and comfortable, makes it easy to use and it absorbs any vibrations that you get, I didn't feel any during my time using these sticks for review. 

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