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Adidas DF24 Carbon


Hitting was powerful when using this stick and controlling the direction was easy too. Because the head of the stick is so thin getting lift on hits is very easy to do, it takes some time to adjust to how easy it is to lift the ball but once you do finding the top corners is very easy. 

Slapping the ball can be a bit of an issue if you happen to hit the ball with the section of the shaft where the groove is located. If you get your head around this fact you can actually use it to your advantage when doing slider passes to get a little extra on the pass. But when it does go wrong the pass direction becomes little wayward and thus I had to mark it down. 


With the very thin head on this stick its very easy to control the ball when lifting the ball. Whether it’s a small lift over a stick while dribbling or lifting the ball over an advancing goalkeeper in a one on one situation, its all very simple to pull off. Taking flicks its easy to put the ball exactly where you want with good levels of power.


The reverse edge on the Adidas is super thin. While when you connect properly with a tomahawk they really do fly, the problem with the thin edge is that it becomes very easy to ‘chop’ down to the lower half of the ball and cause the ball to lift. With practice it get easier to control but when your in the final minutes of a really hard fought game, tired and your technique gets a little sloppy, it can become an issue, especially if you are trying to play a reverse pass to the back post.


The oval handle does take some getting used to, but once you get your head round it, I found that it really makes precise stick movements a dream. The feel on the ball was a little softer then other sticks with a high carbon content, this small amount of softness does add to the control on the ball as the stick has less ‘bounce’ when you do mistime a trap, but this does mean that it require slightly more effort to be put in when trying to either squeeze the ball into the pitch to dink it over a flat stick or one touch bounce passes. 


Obviously this stick is designed for dragflicking, it does really shine in this area. Once you get the technique down for getting the ball to roll up the shaft into the groove you can generate a lot of power as well as controlling the placement of the ball with ease. 

Aerials are very easy as well with the thin head its really simple to get under the ball and throw the ball high into the air. With proper technique you can almost effortlessly throw aerials over 30yards, and with some effort going 25 to 25 is easy. 

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