SKT Ninety Review

The guys over at Exclusive Hockey have sent me some more sticks to test. I had the SKT Ninety and the Color D-90. My first review is from the SKT.  Feel This stick has a Tri-Core technology to which means it has a 3 core construction, this gives the stick an excellent level of stiffness. This stiffness doesn’t negate any feel on the ball, the feedback from the stick is superb. I found it very easy to dribble with the stick and found that it was responsive enough to know where the ball was on the stick at any time while playing. The stiffness of the stick also made it very easy to use 3D bounce skills to lift the ball over flat sticks in close play. The stick also has a soft touch compound on the face that was a little worn on the test stick I was using, I do not know how much this tester stick had been used previously but want I will say is that after some wear on the head the touch compound still aided in cushioning the ball when hard passes came in. Hitting Hitting is where this stick excels, as mentioned already this stick is very stiff thanks to the 3 core system. The added stiffness means that you can really get some power on the ball. The added internal ‘wall’ in the stick means that the face has stronger support to the face and so the transfer of energy to the ball is amazing. This is a low bow profile of the stick allows you to get under the ball really easily and lets you fire it into the top corners of the goal. I found it really easy to hit flat and into top corners but did struggle a little with controlled lifts when shooting. Because this stick transfers so much energy to the ball when hitting it is easy to put ‘too much’ on the ball and lifting it over the bar if you are not concentrating. With practice it becomes really controllable but it is something to keep in mind. This stick is also amazing to slap hit with. Getting down low and sweeping the ball hard across 30 yards to a team mates stick or firing the ball low for a deflection on a penalty corner, the force that you can transfer off a small back swing is truly impressive. Flicking This is where the stick does fall a little short in my opinion. Wh