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ShinStyle Shin Liners


I will start off by saying that I have only used shin liners briefly in the past as I found the ones I had previously to be very poor quality and restrictive, its worth noting I have rather large legs so eventually I split them on the calf seem.


That being said the first thing that drew me to trying these shin liners was that they can be custom made. They fit like a dream they are so comfy and light it almost feels like you’re not wearing anything, this is compared to waring a second pair of football socks as a shin liner. When I was actually running around I could feel supporting my calves, while keeping the muscles warm. The build quality of he shin liners is top notch, the seems are double stitched and is very sturdy, I had a little pull at them to be certain.  


In terms of looks, I think they are amazing, there is a gain range of prints available, have a look for yourself on their Facebook page (link at the bottom). I went for the grey camo, paint splatter and blue lightning on the 3 sets I ordered. In terms of value they are 15 Australian Dollars for a set of custom made shin liners, that is cheaper then a lot of stock shin liners and they have better build quality, then on top of that they have awesome patterns available to choose from.


In summary I think these shin liners are a no brainer, I would highly recommend them (and I am to everyone I know)


If you want your own check them out at -

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