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My Personal Hockey (MPH)

I think my Adidas hits a little bit harder (I think that could be just down to me having more practice with it) but the sweet spot seems very big, can't think of any miss hits at all and very little feedback vibration. I'd say no one would notice anything through a chamois. Every hit was exactly where I aimed either passes or shots (pinged a few onto the top corner off the under side of the bar)

Flicking the ball into then top corners was effortless. I felt I had so much control I could hit the inside of the cross bar and the post. This was backed up by my gf, who has an aj7 but doesn't really play other then summer league and rush hockey, she was saying how easy it was to lift and control flicks.

Similar to front stick hitting in accuracy everything went pinpoint to where I was aiming. The edge is quite squared off so it makes controlling the ball so easy. Far easier then with my df24 which has a very thin edge.

I was a bit sceptical about the touch compound as the front of the stick looks same from head to handle so I wasn't sure if it had been included but the second I stopped the ball I could tell it was there and it's is great. The ball stopped dead on the stick with very little cushioning to take the pace out of it. When I was dribbling around the ball stayed glued to the end of the stick and 3d skills felt very easy with the low bow.

Dragflicks felt very easy with the low bow the head of the stick is also rocked back like the old grays jumbow extra used to have that makes the ball easier to roll off the head of the stick and to me makes it easier to control the pitch of the flick to pick all 4 corners easily. I think that with some practice I would be able to hit another ball hung on the goal on a piece of string (old party trick). Again gf backed this up she is learning to drag flick and was saying how that the light head of the stick made controlling her flicks really easy, her being able to pick top corners with 7/10 flicks. Aerial passes were somewhat limited as we were only on a 30yard long pitch but it was very easy to throw a high pass to my other half at the far end and when I really got hold of one I put it to the far end of the 5 aside pitch at the other side of the fence behind her.

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