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Kuka Mojo Bag

So I also have been able to get my hands on the Kuka Hockey bag that you get as part of the deal on

I have it in Red and I think that the bag looks really good. I think the red and grey work really well together.

Sizing and Function
The bag is a nice size to carry, I have had 7 sticks in the bag and there was still plenty of room in the stick section. I would usually keep other things in here as well, I'm sure that there is still room for hoodies and shin pads with 7 sticks in although I haven't tested that yet.

This bag has a lot of pockets, I mean a lot. There are 2 on the front both are a nice size, the top of the two I got my shoes in easily (size 11 so they aren't small shoes), the bottom has room for my towel and a full change of clothes plus shower stuff. There is a pocket on the top where you can put all your valuables (and all the many rolls of tape i assume we all have). After this there is then 2 side pockets I have my shin pads in one and a glove and my face mask in the other. There is room still for other stuff, I have thrown some grips in there.

The bag has many straps, 2 shoulder straps, a small lifting strap, it then has 2 detachable carry straps which has a grip to fasten the 2 together.

There are a couple of sections to put identity cards in and there is a clip to fasten the bag to the fence. There is a hard bottom that seems to be water proof but i have yet to have the bag out in the rain to test how water proof the bag is. 

The straps are padded and it is super comfy on the shoulders even when the bag was full of my heavy, heavy hockey supplies.

It is included in the £120 and £199 deals so its basically free.

A very good bag. I have been told that they are very durable by others who have had this bag for a while and they say it still looks good as new, but I have yet to verify this.


  • Lots of pockets

  • Lots of space

  • Nice looking

  • Comfy to carry

  • It's also basically free


  • It doesn't have a water bottle holder on the outside of the bag which could be a con if you prefer to keep it outside of your bag away from your clothes, mine just goes in the stick section so doesnt bother me too much anyway.

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