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Kuka GR24

I really like the designs of the neon range. The carbon weave with the pop colours which is very popular at the moment.

Hitting was very powerful with this stick and controlling the direction and height was easy too. Everyone trying the sticks agreed that they all hit really well with a very large sweet spot and we're very nice to hit with. I can say that I felt no vibrations except when I was being sloppy which was my mistake more then the sticks but even that wasn't bad. Kind of like the stick telling me to stop mucking about. The stick does come with an under grip shock absorber but it doesn't effect the feel on the ball.

Very easy to flick with the low bow, that I think is a given but the reviews all round were very good with the exception of the neon pink with has a groove in the head to help ball control but when flicking you have to get the ball in that groove or the aim can go a bit off target, didn't really effect the flicks once I worked this out might have helped a little as I could really fling the ball but I do think it's worth noting. Pushing wise very good on all fronts as well the neon pink with the groove stood out for upright pushing.

Across all the range all the sticks have a nice reverse edge for hitting tomahawks. The seemed to ping off the stick with a satisfying 'click'. I felt I had very good control on it they lifted or stayed flat which I don't feel I have with my Adidas stick. The other testers have all agreed that reversing edge on the test sticks I had were all really nice as well.

With the high balance point and the low weight the stick head is very maneuverable so close fast skills were really easy to do across all the range of sticks. The neon pink with the groove in the head was very nice for sharp turns when the ball was in the groove.

The Gr24 really shone here the 210mm bow with the groove really worked together to get some great whip on the ball and some amazing power on the flicks while give great accuracy. The other testers had a go as well (one being taught how to drag flick while testing) and all really liked the Gr24 for drag flicking. The other sticks were also pretty nice to flick with as well, it's obviously all down to technique. Aerials were super easy with the low bow, but the other sticks in the range were also pretty good for throwing Aerials as well with getting low.

The Kuka hockey range are very stiff powerful sticks that have a soft feel. (One tester made comparisons to his gryphon tour samurai but he didn't have it with him for a side by side comparison) I would put it in that region regarding power and feel on the ball. Because it is so stiff with such a nice feel I would describe the stick as being responsive on the ball, I felt I could feel every bobble of the ball by millimetres on the uneven pitch on the stick, when I was running upright or dragflicking.

I will also say all the people who tested the sticks have said they would highly recommend them and all have placed orders with Kuka today (the player with the gryphon doesn't need a new stick since he got it last Christmas). Someone else I know had a quick knock around in my garden and is also placing and order with how nice the stick felt. I can't some up how nice the sticks feel more then of the 5 people who have picked the stick up that I know 4 are buying them and 1 would have but he just got a stick (far too sensible for me I would buy it anyway as I love getting a new stick).

Also because the guys over at Kuka are so awesome they have given me a 25% off code for you guys to use.

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