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Chrsyo X1 Bag

Little background information, previous to this I have had three of the Grays Jumbo Bags, the first two lasted a couple of season a piece, the third lasted less then a season hence the change in brand. 


I personally like the black and grey with the yellow highlights and piping. It is a nice simple design, clear branding in white and not too much going on. 

Sizing and Function
Stick section easily holds 6 sticks with room to close easily and you can get some other stuff in there too, I often stuff my hoody/jacket in there on match days and on occasion my shin pads get put in there too.

There are 4 other pockets and a bottle holder on the outside. The bottle holder actually holds 2 bottles easily, which is nice if you have a recovery shake for after the game on those double header weekends. There are 2 small pockets on the front of the bag. The top one is great for small items and has a phone holder and a clip to put your keys on, I also keep sweatbands, tape, scissors, gum shield and other such items in this pocket.

The lower pocket is a longer pocket but again its not especially deep, there is a mesh section attached to the back of the pocket which I use for keeping my base layers in as well as my away kit when we aren’t playing at home, the rest of the pocket is large enough for my shin pads and I have a couple of hockey balls in the bottom.

There is a medium sized pocket on the top of the bag, this is easily big enough to hold my size 11 hockey shoes. Though a lot of the time I keep hoody/jacket in there with my glove and short corner face mask. This pocket does hang into the main pocket but that isn’t really an issue.

The main pocket is massive, it is the length of the back and fairly deep (it is as deep as the Black section on the side of the bag). I am yet to have this pocket full. It easily holds all my change of clothes for after the game, shower stuff, shoes, towel, pre game tracksuit and as I say its not full at that point. The only problem with this bag is that the main pocket opening is not very big, it would be better if the opening was much bigger and the pocket itself had some sort of dividers in there, like an elastic section for shoes, maybe a divided section for shower stuff and towel. It’s only a small problem really.

It is fairly water proof but does not have a waterproof cover or a clip included, I added my own clip and have had no problem.

It has two shoulder straps and they are slightly padded. I find the bag very comfy to carry around but I have never walked for more then 15 minutes with it on my shoulders.

I think it cost me around £22.99 with postage, obviously that might change depending on postage costs. The bag itself is £17.99 and the build quality is, in my opinion better then the Grays bags that cost more then twice that much. Need I say more?

I have had this bag for nearly two seasons and its like new still, the zipper pulls haven’t even come off. It has tones of space and a good number of pockets 


  • Cheap

  • Lots of space

  • Comfy

  • Nice looking


  • No Waterproof cover or clip to fasten to fence

  • Small opening to large pocket

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