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If you want to support that would be really cool, I don't want to ask for handouts, I want to make content worth your money and bring you more giveaways.


I have set up a Patreon page, which is a place where you can sponsor my account from $1 (USD). On here you can give different amounts, it is entirely up to you and depends on what you want to give. It is a monthly subscription though so if you only want to give once or support that tier once then make sure you stop or amend it straight after the payment has gone through. 

Each level that you can support at will offer different perks, which you will hopefully agree is good value for the amounts given.

I'd like to create more online content including player interviews, giveaways, video competitions,

and with your support I am sure we can help to grow the hockey community online, and the higher levels of support will offer you insight into whats coming up as well as having your own input to try and drive it forward.

We are the Hockey Family! 

Here is the Link:

Gribbid make the some of the best chamois on the planet! This is why so many top level players, who can use any gear they want use their grips.  I use the Pro grip and it is great #TeamGribbid get yours at my shop here:

A really awesome Hockey shop that I have used several times in the past to buy a whole range of different hockey gear:

If you are into nutrition if you like to  buy from MyProtein:

If you are looking for some new running or hockey stuff and like Asics gear:

Thanks for being awesome and following me! 

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